Valérie Lallican



I draw my inspiration from the urban and architectural environment of cities and have a particular interest in Modernism.
I paint in acrylics with elementary geometric shapes and contrasting colours that interact in a continuous dialogue between light and movement. I work on canvas and in volume using laminated cardboard.
My clients are mainly private collectors.
For each work, I engage in a long, meticulous and precise process. At the beginning there is a sketch which gradually becomes more precise, with the help of numerous calculations. The balance is then created between the different elements of the composition. Then I start my research on colour and light.
The use of certain colour combinations as well as the repetition of geometrical shapes creates a visual effect and a variation of perceptions, movement, undulations appear to the eye of the spectator.
The perspective of the geometrical shapes, as well as the work on the lines and the nuances of the colours bring depth, inviting the spectator to penetrate inside the works.
I like the idea that the viewer is immersed in a visual and virtual experience that does not present any meaning but questions his perception.
VALERIE LALLICAN-96-Séquence chromatique-270x116cm