Marion Riguera

Independent paper artist and graphic designer based in the Nantes region,
Marion Riguera began working on paper in the early 2000s,
focusing her work on transparency, textures and lighting effects
From 2011, she began to create three-dimensional paper sculptures, finding inspiration in the material itself but also in architecture and its geometries.
Fascinated by the universal symbolism of the house and the habitat, she creates with paper, villages sometimes on the fringe or with strong symbolism (favelas, Basque houses, cities…), thus giving birth to a poetic world of shapes and forms from her cut-outs, folds and collages a poetic world of miniature dwellings, inviting the public to
project themselves into her universe.
Favela-Marion Riguera - Galerie le 56
Herria-S-1 Marion RIGUERA GALERIE le56
Lutetia-L Marion RIGUERA GALERIE le56